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Let VSS Medical professionally install your mounts.


Professional Installation for the Best Results

Our installation goals are safety, durability, functionality and a clean installation. We accomplish this by using the highest quality installation materials and top installation technicians. From industrial strength wall anchors to industrial grade wire protection, our materials and methods are meant to last. Because your installation will be taking place in occupied areas, our staff will take great care in communicating and coordinating with you to minimize the impact in these areas.

Our installers have been trained in infection control procedures in multiple medical environments and we create an infection control plan for each installation area. For example, when drilling into walls, we use small vaccum units with HEP filters to eliminate airborne particles.

Our installers have also undergone a criminal background check and drug screening. Additionally, we have gone through Authorized Factory Certification training on all of the products we support so you can be assured no one is more qualified for your installation. Utilizing our services provides you with a full manufacturer's Warranty and Service.

With each installation, we offer 17 points of installation:

  1. Create and initiate site plan.
  2. Create infection control plan.
  3. Create patient interaction plan.
  4. Review execution of plans with appropriate staff.
  5. Stage equipment and installation materials.
  6. Open and audit all equipment and material.
  7. Install equipment.
  8. Utilize clean installation methods.
  9. Install computer equipment onto equipment.
  10. Complete cable management.
  11. Adjust equipment and test all functionality.
  12. Power on and test all attached equipment.
  13. Clean area and all remaining installation debris.
  14. Break down and dispose of all packaging material on site.
  15. Certify installation by create number.
  16. Document installation with serial numbers, room numbers, photo (if possible).
  17. Train staff members how to use, adjust, clean, and if requested, maintain the arm and cable assemblies.

Once the project is completed, the IRG Project Manager will audit and certify the installation. Certification will qualify every installation for our exclusive warranty and maintenance program.

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