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Whether you are building a new hospital, clinic, a state-of-the-art clean room, or retrofitting a pre-IT facility, one of the most important parts of the planning stage is the consideration of the placement and use of the information technology components. It's true that VSS Medical is one of the leading manufacturers' reps for mounts, stands, carts, racks and other IT component support systems. We earned our reputation by working in close concert with our clients from the earliest stages of planning right through the final phases of power-up and application.

If you or your team has a project that requires the integration of IT tools, we want to help. The most cost-effective and trouble free applications begin with planning for every element from the start.

  • Site Survey - Thorough site walk through with clinicians, Project Planner and facilities personal.
  • Clinical Evaluation - Recommended solutions will be installed to provide usage and assessment.
  • Product Installation - Following evaluation, the best solution will be professionally installed to incorporate cable management and ideal product placement.
  • Post Install Maintenance - Service agreements to provide quarterly or semi-annual inspection and adjustment for non-warranty issues.

Then, and only then, will we make our recommendations, solicit your feedback, and discuss any of your concerns or considerations that offer solutions that will meet your cost requirements and provide the greatest flexibility and expandability.

Stage One:
Stage Two:
Stage Three:
Product Support and Installation
After the components of the project are determined, we assist with procurement and installation according to the agreed upon specifications. Once the project is completed and fully functional to the satusfaction of everyone involved, we come back and teach users how to put the new systems to work most effectively.

Finally, if something in the application still isn't right once it has been in the normal workflow, we'll help you make the adjustments that will allow the users to put the application to its best  and most efficient use.

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